Friday, May 22, 2009

La Sirena Mexican Folk Art

La Sirena Mexican folk art store on 27 East 3rd Street (between 2nd Ave and Bowery) is a tiny vibrantly colorful store that doesn't waste any space filling every nook and cranny with Day of the Dead crafts, Our Lady of Guadalupe art, Lucha Libre figurines, T-shirts, prayer candles, magnets and a gazillion more items (some items so tiny you'd miss it if you didn't look twice).

We've never been to Mexico so we have no accurate price comparison but common sense tells us some of the things sold here are steeply marked up. We couldn't afford to buy some of the things we would have liked to have brought home like the "Day of the Dead" skeleton Elvis in white jump suit but we did walk away with an affordable T-shirt and a $4 prayer candle. The store is definitely fun and visually stimulating.

On the other hand, buying something that will always be in your home doesn't seem as expensive when you think about how much you could spend on wine or beer at a bar like the store's neighboring Whiskey Town.