Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's 'Snice

One of our favorite neighborhood coffee shops is surprisingly a Vegan coffee shop. 'Snice is a casual, laid-back coffee shop and restaurant that sells Vegan and Vegetarian food and coffee at relatively decent prices. 'Snice, which used to be one of the city's oldest hardware shops, is kind of an oddball in an area saturated with expensive designer-looking F&B places.

The atmosphere is mellow and casual and the workers are friendly. There's rotating art on the walls and they tend to play a wide range of music that prompts people to talk about how bad Madonna is as a singer and the good old days of music. 'Snice actually feels more like a Seattle coffee shop than a New York one.

What we love about 'Snice is it's a place where we can take a breather - meaning, after we've overindulged all week on unhealthy (yet very delicious) food, we need to pump some good greens into our body and 'Snice is a pretty darn good place to do it.

They sell healthy sandwiches, Vegan Paninis and wraps, like this tofu scramble wrap.

But what we love most about this place is their daily vegetarian pasta salad dishes. They are so fresh and yummy. Gotta respect a place that makes eating vegetables actually enjoyable.

We were never big fans of broccoli until we met the 'Snice broccoli. They seem to have pan-fried it so the broccoli tastes a bit toasty.

Some of their other menu items include: brie, pear & arugula with raspberry mustard sandwich; Philly-style seitan sandwich with soy cheese, peppers and onions; Tri-color panini with gorgonzola, walnuts, and apple; Thanksgiving leftovers with tofurky, brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, gravy and relish; and many more interesting vegetarian/vegan items. They also sell salads, smoothies, organic fare trade coffee, hot chocolate that consists of soy milk and vegan marshmallows, and Vegan cupcakes.

Horrible name, good food, good for your health.