Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brunch in a Browstone at 5 Ninth

A great way to check out some of the popular restaurants in the Meatpacking district that are too expensive during dinner time is to go during brunch. Restaurants like 5 Ninth are worth the visit beyond just food thanks to their classic, elegant, uncluttered interior. 5 Ninth is housed in a freestanding three-story brownstone built in 1848. Fireplaces, exposed brick, ceiling wood beams, and an outdoor dining garden with ivy covered walls (for the warmer months) is a romantic, rustic setting to dine over long conversations while sipping on their Paloma (tequila, lime juice, grapefruit soda, pinch of salt), a sophisticated alternative to the margarita.

We had one of the best indoor seats in the house - a quaint table next to the fireplace lit by candles on the second floor.

And sharing a meal with this music legend just added to the decades past mood here (note the Elvis pin on Lennon in this portrait - just the night before we were discussing the Beatles-Lennon-Elvis love and hate relationship). The restaurant also had a great portrait of Tina Turner and her priceless facial expression.

We've had more pancakes during our short time in New York City than ever in our lives. Every pancake we've had has been good and uniquely different. Our favorite still remains Sarabeth's pancake, but 5 Ninth's simple and puffin-like pancake with just NY maple syrup and banana was good.

Their curried chicken salad sandwich with grapes and raisin walnut bread was good but a bit too sweet. But the crunchy fries plentifully covered in garlic that accompanied the sandwich was brilliant.

The service was friendly, attentive, and fast. However, we're certain that if we went on a busy weekend night our experience would have been completely different.