Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Donut Pub

The donuts at the Donut Pub are so good and so fresh, it'll bring you to your knees and make you weep glaze and sprinkles. There is no point now to eat at any other donut shops. Now, we really can't move to another state, or another area for that matter. We must have dreamt up the Donut Pub in our dreams and somehow it must have come true, except that it was founded in the early 1960s before our existence.

It is the ultimate mom and pop donut shop - a small and narrow, but surprisingly uncramped, hole-in-the wall that makes you feel like you've quantum leaped into another era when the pace was slower, the quality was better, and large mega chains like Dunkin Donuts didn't exist. It's a place where you can sit at the "bar" and order cheap and fresh donuts, along with cheap and fresh coffee, and sit there while you contemplate life's momentous questions like which donut to order next. It's a place where the staff is low-key and friendly, and there's always men in their 70s wearing spiffy and funky colorful suits hanging out, exchanging stories, mostly in Spanish, over a donut or two. Oh the good life.

In addition to their wonderful name, their window literally stopped us in our tracks. Our brisk stroll was brought to a screeching halt when we saw these gems in the window. Need we say more than Oreo Muffins?

The danger of sitting at the counter to eat your donuts instead of buying it to go is that you want more and more. You have to be a robot to have only one here.

A freshly brewed cup of coffee and a plain glazed donut has to be one of the best pairings in this world (with ketchup and fries, stuffing and gravy closely trailing behind).

Chocolate glaze! We also recommend the coconut covered chocolate and the mini munchie donuts.

This is THE best apple fritter donut we've tasted. Unlike most other apple fritters, there were no apple chunks inside, just a lava of sweet liquid apple oozing out.

The most delicious donuts. Dirt cheap prices for the quality and freshness. Good cup of Joe. Interesting mix of characters. Spending five dollars with tip included and walking out of this pub with a goofy child-like grin on your face and the taste of sugar on your lips is Dy-no-mite! The only problem is that it's only one street over from our home. That fact coupled with the knowledge that it's open 24-hours-a-day sometimes causes us to toss and turn at night while we debate in our heads whether we should sleepwalk on over with our PJs and coats. On that note, we gotta make a run in our PJ's now.............