Thursday, January 14, 2010


L.E.S. - a playground for the early-20-something-year-olds, bars, bars, and more bars, expensive boutiques, the Tenement Museum, iconic restaurants like Katz's Deli, and what could possibly be the largest Whole Foods in America. It's also where we found Johnny Cash, where we went for skate art, where we froze our fingers and nose eating bagels on the bench outside Russ & Daughters, and where eight-year-olds sell homemade cookies at bars.

This image represents what we always imagined a typical New York street corner would look like before we moved to New York.

And this image of this other corner represents the modernization of New York. The two bottom floors of this entire building in the Lower East Side is Whole Foods. There's many Whole Foods in NYC, and they're all pretty damn large, but this has to be largest and fanciest one. When you first walk in, the entire front section is devoted to beer, and we're talking the size of several liquor stores. It's incredible. In addition to the large grocery and personal care section, the entire upper level contains a sushi bar, a pasta bar, other mini restaurants, and a huge dining area.

The restaurant supply street.

There's rarely plain walls in the L.E.S.

And the following pictures show reasons why the L.E.S. can be fun, even for the 30+ crowd, like being able to watch John Hughes movies all day while slowly sipping champagne and eating free bagels.