Friday, August 7, 2009

Skate Art

Last week we visited the Half Gallery in the Lower East Side to view the art exhibition of legendary skateboarder Mark Gonzales. The small gallery had a handful of Mark's current pieces.

Growing up skateboarding during the 80s, Mark is an icon who spoke to thousands of us with his innovative skateboard tricks and style. He always would have his custom sketches on his boards and attire. His unique style became his trademark.

Over time Mark would go on to design skateboard graphics for hundreds of boards.

His medium transformed to paintings, sculptures, shirts and shoes. Addidas signed Mark to endorse their skateboard line of shoes adorned with his artwork.

Old wood becomes art.

His artwork is collected by skateboarders and art enthusiasts. I was told that Donald Trump and Puff Daddy seek and own many of his pieces.

The creative mind of Mark Gonzales on his skateboard and with his paint brushes. Long live the Gonz.