Monday, May 11, 2009

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 2

As you read in our last blog, we were at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Saturday, May 2nd for the cherry blossoms and Sakura Matsuri festival. We went back to BBG this past Saturday to see if we could catch another glimpse of the cherry blossoms.

We were unbelievably glad and blessed we went on the 2nd because when we went the day before yesterday, the only cherry blossoms in sight were on the ground barely visible amidst the mud. What was beautiful last weekend was a depressing sight (and smelly). Luckily, we were able to see the Japanese Tree Peony in full bloom. It's amazing what difference one week makes. From cherry blossoms in full bloom to nothing in sight to the peonies only seen as tight buds to giant colorful flowers. This is what the peony looked like on May 2nd:

And this was the Japanese Peony on May 9th:

These photos don't do the flowers justice. They were heavenly.

Another thing that changed in just one week - the Bluebell Wood. On May 2nd, there was hardly a tinge of blue. On May 9th, the bluebells were beginning to be visible. Apparently at Bluebell Wood, more than 45,000 bluebells bloom into beautiful blue flowers creating a magical forest effect. It was still a bit early when we went, but we're glad we got at least some of it.

If you're ever in New York, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an absolute go to place. There's a lot to learn from their website and their plants in bloom month by month section of their website is very helpful in trying to figure out when you want to visit. We saw so many trees and plants we were amazed at.

In June, we'll go back for their unbelievable Rose Garden (with more than 5,000 rosebushes and nearly 1,200 different species), in July for their water lilies, and in August for the sacred lotus.

There were some great and odd names for the plants, trees, and flowers.

These looked like quilts.

Last but not least, this was one of our favorite trees there - the Dove Tree.