Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a Sick World

Ah, viruses. My friends and former co-workers used to always laugh at my obscene germaphobe ways. And no matter how much you wash your hands, how much you over-use that hand sanitizer after getting off the crowded subway, how regularly you take those extra vitamins, those damn viruses and bacteria get to you one way or another. It doesn't help that spring time here means schizo weather - one day it feels like summer, the next the start of winter. We've been driving ourselves nuts by watching the food channel and it doesn't help that it's the start of BBQ season. We want so badly to go out and get some burgers, ribs, steak, pizza, and anything and everything with cheese now!

Another thing you notice when you're home so much is the whacky things that take place on your street. Since we've been here, I've witnessed a man getting robbed and beat up at our subway stop, and late at night while we try to sleep we hear a mix of people fighting and drunken people making no sense whatsoever and some jerks blasting their radios at 3:00 am like it's a freakin nightclub. Just in this week alone, we heard a man crying out for help and a few days later a woman loudly calling authorities since she just got robbed in front of our place. Heck, we even have fake crime scenes on our street. Photos below of what looked like a CSI-esque filming with the fake dead body, fake police cars and all. Unfortunately, these pictures eerily looked like the images outside our apartment the first night we moved here.

And que the smoke.