Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jorge Munoz: Working Hard to Feed the Hungry in New York

It will be especially hard being away from our family tomorrow; our second Thanksgiving apart from them. But we also reflect on so many people who are having such a hard time, who are in pain and alone. I also think of Jorge Munoz, a man who doesn't have much but gives so much of himself, his time, from his small paycheck to feed the hungry in New York. This New York Times Article The Chicken and Rice Man about Jorge Munoz is uplifting and makes us think we're not doing enough of the things we should be. Watch the Tribute to CNN Hero Jorge Munoz clip.

What's really inspiring about Mr. Munoz is that he makes a commitment to these people everyday to hand out the meals himself; much harder than just writing a check or passing out some spare change. Equally important, he does so with compassion, love, respect for these people, understands their situation, relates to them, doesn't judge them, doesn't expect anything in return. Much respect!

How this man can give so selflessly yet there are so many wealthy people who would rather buy 10 luxury cars or 15 Gucci bags than to part with some money to help a hungry person is beyond my comprehension.