Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traffic Sucks, Thank You Subways

One of the many things we liked about living in New York was not having a car, which meant not being stuck in horrible traffic, looking for parking, registration fees, blowing money on car issues, and high gas prices. NY subways are fast, convenient, can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go, and you're waiting mostly underground so you're sheltered from the winter extremities (summer heat is a different story).

It took me 7 minutes on the A train to get to work (almost 50 blocks up from our apartment). By far the easiest commute to work I've ever had in my life (when the trains are running properly or you don't zone out and get off at the wrong stop).

Sure, it can get annoyingly crowded during rush hour, but I'll take a quick subway right smashed, prodded and elbowed between people after a long day at work over getting in a car and dealing with traffic, rain, snow, congestion, road rage, and drunk drivers any day.

Sometimes there's nut jobs on the train; that's when your iPod shield or book comes in very handy. Leaving your iPod at home in New York when you're planning to ride the subway feels as naked as not having your seat belt on when you drive a car.

We've probably caught the L train a million times. Our least favorite subway station is the overly crowded Union Square. Always too much activity going on there.

Last stop on the train.

Now why doesn't this type of public transportation exist in more cities?