Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pac-Man and Beer

On a rare bar-hopping night, we ended up at d.b.a on 41 First Avenue. d.b.a. stats: They're known for their large selection of scotch, tequilas, and beer (usually over 250 varieties), open from 1 PM to 4 AM daily, has a large back garden area and a quirky baseball shrine, and a few "old school" arcade games.

When we went in the summer, all the seats in the garden area were taken but there were ample seating in the bar area. So we decided to spend our time playing the classic Pac-Man, which isn't so easy when you've had a few. The crowd was uber young (mostly college types to mid-20s), but we felt the youngest at heart that night playing our game. Then again, most of those kids probably didn't grow up with Pac-man the way we did. They'd probably call it a "vintage" game. What's an arcade? Oy.

(I didn't include a link to their website because when I attempted to enter their website several times just now, it froze up my computer).