Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cracking Up

Last night we went to Comix, a comedy club near our home, to see David Allen Grier. This comedy club has a no flash photo policy, so somewhere in that bright glow is Grier. He did a raunchy set about crapping, drugs, sex, marriage and divorce, Barak Obama, and the woes of being the old guy at the club. He even serenaded a birthday lady on stage (great vocals), and oh yes he flashed his huge pot belly and ass crack to us. There were two comedians that opened for him, Rory Albanese and Drew Fraser. Drew Fraser was so funny we were crying and peeing (and in many ways he was funnier than Grier). We almost didn't notice that David Allen Grier walked right by us to sit with the audience and watch Drew Fraser's stand up performance.

Like many talented comedians, the man David Allen Grier portrays on stage is supposedly very different from the man off stage. He's a Yale School of Drama graduate that was trained in Shakespeare and began his professional career on Broadway. But when we hear his name we love him for his performance on In Living Color. He's now on Comedy Central with Chocolate News, a fake news series that offers a black perspective on headlines by spoofing just about everything.