Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heavy Metal

This Bryant Park Holiday Shop caught our attention because from a distance these looked like suits of armor. Metal Park created these cool Star Wars art from recycled scrap metal, engine and motorcycle parts. We didn't know how much these cost but considering they're selling an 8-feet-tall, 800-pound Darth Metal on their website for $7,000, these are probably in that price range.

Some of the parts were movable and some were more than decorative - they could be used as small storage containers and pen holders. Naturally, my friend Marie came to mind.

We really liked this chained out Yoda-gone-Mad-Max. Buy, we wanted. Expensive, it was.

They even had Short Circuit and the Predator. On their website, they sell the Terminator, Alien, Transformer, the classic robot, and a samurai warrior.