Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Lovely Day For a Pint at Puck

We found a great Irish pub named after one of the oldest street fairs in Ireland. Puck Fair has an impressive beer menu and included a pretty large array of winter drinks, from which we tried their Smuttynose Winter Ale (great name) and Sixpoint Otis. It's always necessary to try seasonal beers but we always come back to pure satisfaction with a fine pint of Guinness. The Guinness at Puck Fair was like ointment for our blisters from the cold winter's night.

Their food menu has what good bar menu should have - a mix of light fares and heartier fares - and included burgers, curry fries, sausage rolls, Guinness battered fish and chips, seafood braised Irish Stew, Irish farmhouse cheese plate, Irish bangers & mash, seafood chowder, and a full Irish breakfast.

We tried their three-item "toastie" - a sandwich consisting of pate, sausage, and cheese for $8 and it was one of the best bar sandwiches I've ever tasted. It sounds like a weird combination and actually, I thought the three different elements would come out separately but the combo worked! I love when you make weird sandwich combinations by accident that you fall in love with. Their mashed potatoes and gravy was excellent (even better that the waitress didn't charge us for it because it came just a tad bit late - nice!). They serve their food daily until 3:30 AM (their bar closes at 4:00 AM).

We sat at their small, dark area on the balcony in the back overlooking the entire bar space below. It was an intimate, cozy drinking spot. The main bar below stretches almost the entire length of the pub, and the other table areas are divided by wood panels that give the patrons a bit of privacy. The wall has a collage-like mural of schoolchildren, rugby, and song lyrics. Just a few steps closer to Ireland . . .