Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Name is MUD

This is the MUDTruck parked in the East Village. We love that the company was started by a husband and wife team to be an anti-establishment coffee shop. We love that they purposely park across one of the busiest and largest Starbucks in the Village. We love that the coffee is served from an orange converted Con Edison truck with the American flag on it. It looks like along with coffee, they should be serving apple pies, a six pack of beer, anti-war stickers, and Jack Kerouac books. Don't know why but the truck evokes those images.

So we were excited to try the coffee, especially since we are not Starbucks fans. The coffee was voted the best in the city by almost everyone in this city. And it's affordable - $1.50 for a small cup. What's not to love? Well, then we tried the coffee. We were so disappointed because the coffee lived up to its name. It had a strong, bitter taste (same as its rival across the street). We're hoping we caught them on a bad day and we'll give them one more chance. The ironic thing is that for a anti-establishment company, they're getting pretty successful in the corporate world - we've spotted their coffee bags being sold for a hefty price at grocery stores and now apparently they're being sold at Kiehl's (the way Starbuck's is sold at Borders). I guess it's easy to forget that Starbuck's started out as a small company too.