Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Suitcases Unpacked, Still on Craigslist, Tragedy on our Street

We officially moved in to our new apartment this past weekend. We don't have internet in the apartment until September 9th, which is why we haven't updated our blog in a week. We're at Evil Bucks right now trying to catch up on postings. You don't realize just how addicting being "online" is when that option is taken away from you.

It felt so good to unpack our suitcase after living out of it for one month. We've been spending a lot of time at the colossal Bed, Bath, & Beyond (by the way, since no one drives here, they offer same-day delivery to your apartment). We've also been searching for house items at nearby thrift shops. The furniture at these boutique thrift shops are especially cheap right now because the shops are making room for their fall merchandise they've been hiding in storage all summer. With such small and weird spaces in New York City apartments, you learn to get creative with storage and shelving (hence the popularity of places like The Container Store here). And just when we thought we were done with being on Craigslist every day . . . we've also been picking up furniture we found on Craigslist all over the city. There are deals to be found - we even found a clean and space- conscious sofa for $60. The furnitures listed on Craigslist are sold within a day so you have to act fast. Apartments, furniture, people, everything moves fast here.

On a somber note, our excitement (and stress) of moving into our new home has been diluted by the murder of a young college student one building over from us. This past weekend after seeing our street full of NYPD, photographers, and emergency response vehicles, we looked out our bedroom window and saw a body bag being wheeled into a medical examiner's vehicle. The next day news organizations were camped outside all day and night. It has been so sad to see his fellow college mates and other supporters stopping at the building footsteps leaving flowers and pictures and paying their respects. We can't imagine what his family must be going through. The 19-year-old Pace University student would have begun his Sophomore year today.