Sunday, December 6, 2009

Around The Park We Go

Additional pictures of Central Park that we took throughout the year.

A park where people go to tango . . .

This was the cutest and strangest thing. The guy on the bongo was singing "Who's your baby daddy? I'm your baby daddy." The kids were having a ball, but somehow that song was grossly inappropriate. I still have that song stuck in my head.

Images of rape and drugs at Central Park are gone, replaced by images like these.

Did we mention how kid-friendly this park is?

This playground area is so well designed, fun and functional.

A park for painters, photographers, artists and musicians.

A park for brides and grooms that want stunning background images, if they can somehow manage to get all the tourists and onlookers out of the shots. It's also a fantastic place for proposals.

A park for dogs.

A park for Lennon and Beatles fans.

A park for lovers and romantics.

A park for Shakespeare lovers (although the lines for free Shakespeare is ridiculously long and competitive).

A park for dancers, singers, jazz musicians trying to make some extra money while entertaining tourists.

What we love about this park is you can find your hidden, private spots or you can lounge among hundreds of people in the great lawn picnicking, playing sports, playing music, dancing, signing, hula hooping, performing, rehearsing, photographing, painting, acting, rowing, proposing, and ice skating. There's always something to see, something to experience, and something new to fall in love with.

And it's open until 1:00 am, although we've always left the park when the sun began to set. Probably not a bad idea.