Saturday, December 5, 2009


Our dining experience at Basta Pasta this past August wasn't nearly as sugoi as our first time there. The food was good but the portions were too small for our appetites and our sour-faced moody waitress brought us down.

This Crespelle con Funghi e Ricotta was a nice and light, airy pasta dish with subtle flavors. We especially loved the homemade silk handkerchief pasta, but for $16 it still left us feeling hungry.

I had to order the Spaghetti con Prosciutto e Parmigiano because the presentation of being served pasta from a half wheel of Parmesan cheese at the table was enticing. As a lover of all things cheese and pasta, this was paradise.

But it would have been a more fun experience if our personality-less waitress at least pretended like she was doing something enjoyable. She was going through the motions like she was cleaning a toilet. Can I please help you take the block of Parmesan out of your ass please? Can you take a shot of something at the bar and come back to our table?

So yes she kind of ruined it for us. It would have been way better if they created a smaller version of this wheel and let you eat the pasta directly from it. Then as a dessert, you'd chomp away at the cheese wheel and whatever you couldn't finish, you'd take it to go in a takeout box. Brilliant idea.

The pasta was rich, creamy and delicious. The thinly sliced high-quality parma prosciutto tasted equally wonderful. But there was hardly any pasta on my plate and the prosciutto was barely there. It was cruel because it just left you desiring more. It was more like an appetizer portion.

As someone who's worked as a waitress, if you want to make money off of tips, you leave your attitude at the door no matter what kind of shitty day you've had because you know your day will be much shitter when you count your cash at the end of the day and see how little money you've made. Perhaps our waitress wasn't so nice to us when she learned we were a table on a budget (no antipasti, no high alcohol sales, and no food off the higher price secondi piatti). But even if we ordered just one salad, we expect good service. We should have waited for seats at the bar to open up and let Misa serve us instead.