Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Big Papaya

The gazillion Papaya chains can be an eye sore with their in-your-face signs, neon lights, and tacky Partyland decorations, but they bring back memories of good times in New York City, like the Presidential election. After we voted for our new President, we went to our neighborhood Papaya King and got hot dogs to go for dinner. We watched the news coverage of the Presidential election while eating our Papaya King dogs.

After experiencing an incredible Roy Ayers performance at Blue Note, we stumbled into Papaya Dog on our way home.

The fluorescent lighting is really harsh when you've had a long night.

Hot dog and corn dog was the best way to end that night.

No, wait, hot dogs and corn dogs followed by a beautiful distant view of the Empire State building when the streets are eerily quiet was the best way to end that night.

All the Papaya dogs pretty much taste the same, but for some reason, we'll give the edge just a bit to Gray's Papaya.