Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's all good in our hood

Contemporary American cuisine at good restaurant in the West Village. Camera phone photos in a dimly-lit restaurant can't do the food justice. Definitely the most unique dish at the restaurant is the most unique mac & cheese we've tried - good's Green Chile Macaroni & Cheese with cilantro and tortilla crumb crust. It was both delicious and painfully spicy.

Good's hand-rolled orange sour cream donuts with three sauces (chocolate, strawberry, and caramel on the side) is also a must try. The orange flavored donuts were so good that the sauces weren't even necessary (coming from sauce freaks).

We're normally not mixed cocktails kinda folks, especially those apple-martini esque sweet foo foo drinks; however, good has a great House Cocktails menu. The standout is their Frozen Blackberry Vodka Julep. Remarkably refreshing and drinkable, and one of the best mixed sweet drinks we'll probably ever taste.

The dining area is simple and elegant and really suits the contemporary feel of the menu.

So yes, the restaurant lives up to its name. Begin the night with the Frozen Blackberry Julep, get your senses slapped by the Green Mac & Cheese, end the night with some fancy pants donuts, and you're good to go.