Friday, February 20, 2009

Yakiniku West in the East

This past Monday we went to Yakiniku West in the East Village (on E 9th Street between 2nd and 3rd). Luckily Monday was President's day holiday because Yakiniku West has some great early evening weekday specials. On Mondays through Fridays from only 5 to 6:30 pm, there's a great special: For $14.75 , you get meat which you cook on the grill, bibim bap, miso soup, and vegetables.

The bibimbap was served in a sizzling stone pot. Delicious and healthy.

At first it didn't seem like they gave us a lot of meat. But after you've had the large pot of bibimbap, there's no way we could have had more. Carnivores like us drool a downpour when a plate like this is put fourth in front of us.

We love Yakiniku!

We also loved that they gave us sauce options so we could "mix and match" to our taste buds. And of course, the Korean style lettuce to wrap the meat inside.

The food was fresh. The portions were plentiful. The service was good (the waiters were Japanese and the cooks were Mexican). The restaurant was clean and traditional style (you have to take off you shoes at the door). And we love discounts (and we're not talking discounts on past expiration date food either). We were so full that our pants were unzipped (classy) and we were unable to wobble ourselves back to the subway (so we ended up blowing our money on a damn cab). (Side note: Winter months are great because you can hide your unzipped, belly-popping selves under your coat).

We'd go back for their weekday specials. But Yakiniku West still doesn't top Yakiniku Camelia back home.