Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Cinematic Bridge

The other weekend we went to Queensboro bridge, the bridge that connects Long Island City in Queens with Manhattan. It's also called the 59th Street Bridge because on its Manhattan side it's located between 59th and 60th Streets. We wanted to see this bridge to recreate that iconic scene in Woody Allen's Manhattan.

This shot is almost close. I don't think we'd go here at 5 am though. Maybe we'll go back at night and if we really wanted to be film nerds, we'd have Gershwin on our iPod.

Love the opening credit to Taxi.

We were sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the bridge so it wasn't quite the "Manhattan" scene but it was nonetheless a great view. On a day that's not too cold, this is a great place to bring a sandwich bag and just hang out. If you have a dog, it's even better because there's a nice dog park here; there were tons of dogs and their owners letting their dogs freely play with each other at the park. On our way down to this area, we were wondering why there were hundreds of dog poo everywhere.

I love how Woody Allen described this wonderful place we're living in: "What I feel about New York is hard to say in a few words. It’s really the rhythm of the city. You feel it the moment you walk down the street. There’s hundreds of good restaurants, thousands of brilliant paintings, you see all the old movies, all the new ones. … It has to do with nerves, with the blood that runs through the city. It’s dangerous, noisy. It’s not peaceful or easy and because of it you feel more alive. It’s more in keeping with what human beings are meant to feel about the world. … There’s more conflict than anywhere else. The struggle to survive here is much more exciting than Los Angeles, say, where everything is pleasant. I mean, all those people sitting in their tubs, can you imagine it?" So those that love both Woody Allen's films and New York will love this article.

The Queensboro bridge's surrounding areas are pretty cool too. Right by the bridge is one of the fanciest and cleanest super markets we've been to - the Food Emporium Bridge Market. There's also a nice (expensive) furniture store called the Conran Shop right next to this market that sells some wonderful children's furnishings.

A diner named after one of our favorite movies. "Ma, I love him awful."

This plate of sausage, ham, bacon and eggs . . .
. . . plus this plate of dollar pancakes were only $15. Eating the mini-sized pancakes are usually much more fun and easier to eat.

Our plates are cleared pretty fast.

We've been looking for Japanese marts in this city. The only one we liked was in the East Village, which is actually more of a Korean mart than a Japanese mart, but we're glad we found Katagiri.

One of our favorite ice creams. Green tea mochi ice cream!

We also love Japaneses teas and drinks. We finally found the Ito En/Dr. Andrew Weil teas here. It's funny that we had to come all the way to New York to find it. Although they had the green and white tea varieties, we are still in search of the Ito En/Dr. Weil's turmeric tea.

We love weird pickled Japanese food. We miss Shirokiya.

Everything looked good.

But since we couldn't afford to buy everything in the above photo, we took home a box of this white bean manjyu:

Japanese packaging is either really pretty and delicate or really strange. But we love strange so this works for us. And it was oishi!