Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Petite Abeille Buzz

The name Petite Abeille means "Little Bee" and is also the title of a popular childrens' book from the 1970s in Belgium. Petite Abeille is also a Belgian restaurant that sells the kind of brunch we love - eggs, breads, sweets.

Eggs benedict with ham done just right. I loved how the sauce wasn't overpowering. The eggs were cooked perfectly. It was also served with a tasty carrot mashed potato.

Brioche French Toast with fresh fruit and powdered sugar. It wasn't earth-shatteringly good but it was good. Loved that it was served with fresh fruit.

Petite Abeille's homemade Belgian waffles and hot chocolate were voted some of the best in this city. But what they are really known for is their Moules-Frites (mussels and fries), a Belgian specialty, also voted one of the best in town. We need to go back for dinner to try that dish. The restaurant also has a European childlike quality (which makes their name perfect) as the restaurant is decorated with Tintin and other European comic book characters. This is their West 17th location, located adjacent to the Chelsea Inn (they have three other locations in New York City).

They also serve over 50 types of Belgian beers. Is a bar allowed to look "cute?" Well, this one most definitley does.