Monday, March 23, 2009


Empire Diner located at 10th Avenue. We love its exterior Art Deco stainless steel black and white railroad car look.

The inside is less impressive - more dark modern lounge than 1930s diner. The service was crappy. The depressed and moody waitstaff gathered together bitching at the counter. The greasy fast food was standard. The Love Me Tender sandwich (chicken tenders with tomato basil mayo on a French baguette) was just decent . The Chelsea Burger (bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce) was pretty good, although the fries looked and tasted like soggy potato chips

If you like Art Deco design and diners likes us, the exterior of the diner is definitely worth a look, but skip the food. This place is open 24 hours a day so we can only imagine the kinds of post-partying, post-vomiting retards that look and smell like roadkill that stumble into this small diner at 5 am.