Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Love Boat

Days ago, Central Park was completely covered in snow. Today, it felt like summer in the park, crowded with joggers and bikers dressed in summer gear. We went there hoping to skate again at Wollman Rink before it soon closes for the season. When we got there, although the rink was open, we could tell the ice was slightly melting. We didn't feel like getting our butts bruised today so we skipped the skates and picked up the paddles. The lake was no longer frozen. The boathouse was open!

We were surprised at how short the line was. Just $12 for both of us for a one-hour ride around the park.

The views from our little boat were amazing. That's the Dakota (to the left) and the San Remo (to the right).

There was a moment when I felt like Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock's The Birds.

The father in this boat was cooly smooking his cigar while giving his daughter a ride.

Probably one of my favorite scenes - innocence and wisdom.

People somehow engraved their names and love signs on the wall under the Bow Bridge.

The view of The Loeb Boathouse that houses the Boathouse Restaurant as we approach the "boat dock." The restaurant was crowded. We're not certain whether we'd eat at the restaurant or not. It's a bit pricey and the crowd seemed a bit Park Avenue but then again we wouldn't mind having brunch on the deck by the lake. Still, we'd rather be in the boat than in the house. Our next ride will hopefully be in their Venetian Gondola.

We haven't exercised at the gym or at a yoga studio since we moved here, but we've practically walked all over this city. Today in Central Park alone we walked an equivalent of 21 blocks. We walked an additional 20 blocks around the city. A year ago walking 40+ blocks would have seemed outright nuts. At least we're burning off the pizza calories.