Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish and Cookies

Max Fish on Ludlow Street. At night, it's a crowded bar. At day, it seemed more like a neighborhood garage sale. Folks selling their clothes for cheap (I bought a $3 blue dress that looked pretty good in the dark until I brought it home to find tiny holes), and $3 whiskey on Saturdays and $3 wines on Sundays until 10 pm. The oddest sight was looking in through the window and seeing a young girl probably not older than eight years of age sitting at the bar. Well, that's curious, we thought. But then again this is New York.

When we walked into the bar, we saw she was selling homemade cookies. She sat so comfortably on the bar stool like it was her neighborhood bar, glancing over at the used Mac makeup next to her that someone else was selling. Are the days when kids sell cookies in front of the grocery stores gone?