Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Same Cafe

One restaurant we wish was in New York City (or rather, in every city) is Same Cafe. It's located in Denver, CO. We love places like this and people like the Birkys that opened Same Cafe. They serve healthy, fresh and delicious high-quality restaurant meals to everyone. There's no prices on the menu. You pay what you can. If you can't afford to pay anything, you don't have to. And this doesn't mean just homeless people, this includes people who work three jobs to support their family and just can't afford to buy healthy food or to eat out. You can pay $1 for the meal if that's all you can afford.

They also want to give people a sense of dignity so if you want to pay for your meals by washing the dishes or helping out at the restaurant, then they will happily accept your help in exchange for a meal. There's wealthy people that love their food so much that they pay triple what they would for the same food at another restaurant because they know their money is being used for something good and kind.

We definitely need more places like this - a place where people who can't afford it can get new, fresh and healthy meals (not just the old discarded leftovers), a place where people can feel welcomed and respected, a place where people are all same and one - afterall, we are all humans. One day when we're more financially stable, we would love to do something like this. I think everyone should. Especially during these trying times, we should all help each other. Shame on vain "celebrities" that spend $60,000 a week for their hair, make up, plastic surgeries and personal trainers.