Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

All winter we waited for up-to-our-knees kind of snow. What we got was here and there fairly tame snow. We weren't expecting this kind of snow when it's almost spring, but we finally got it today. Last night while we were sleeping, we received a whole winter's worth of snow (up to 14 inches here today), the most we had seen. So much so that NYC's public school system (the largest in this country) announced today is Snow Day for the first time in five years. Adults need snow day play day too, so we said "screw you" to the frigid cold and made it back to Central Park early this evening.

It was so strange to see the whole park covered in white since we were just there yesterday and the grounds were as dry as could be. It's so peculiar how drastically the weather changed overnight.

Central Park was stunning. To see this enormous, majestic park blanketed entirely in the purest and fluffiest looking white was truly amazing and a blessing. The kids were having fun too. We wanted to join them in sledding. Hey kid, let me borrow that for a second.

The cold didn't stop us and other child-like adults from swinging away. Weeeeee!

We could only stay at the park tonight for 50 minutes. My finger tips were turning purple (even with gloves on) and doing snow angels causes your bum to hurt as the snow turns into water on your jeans. Snow angel time in Central Park is so worth the snow-burned bum.

Well, looks like there won't be a second snow day. So we're really glad we got to enjoy at least a piece of it - saying farewell to winter with a bang. If only it could last through this weekend so we could go back to the park on Saturday to play around in the snow a bit more. I'm sure that would be a nightmare for Mayor Bloomberg who said that snowstorms generally cost the city about $1 million per inch of snow. Well, we're lucky to live in a place where you don't have to worry about driving on dangerous roads during snowstorms or heavy rain, and you're not paralyzed by the weather thanks to the really efficient transportation system here. Another reason to love New York City. Our list keeps growing.