Monday, April 20, 2009

Elephant and Castle (Not the Chain)

One thing you're constantly reminded of while living in New York City is that there is never enough time in the day. We just realized that we have such a backlog of restaurant photos (some from the summer) that we've been meaning to share, starting with this one on Elephant and Castle on 68 Greenwich Avenue. The restaurant opened in 1973 then opened its second location in 1989 in Dublin, Ireland. Due to its name, I almost got this restaurant confused with the Elephant & Castle chain of restaurants (opened 1977 in Vancouver), which this definitely is not. I've been to one of the Elephant and Castle chains in San Diego and the food was awful.

One of the best things about Elephant and Castle is this appetizer: The Grilled Calamari. It's simply the best calamari appetizer we've tried. The lemon pepper vinaigrette sauce and the extremeley tender calamari made this dish perfect.

This is one of the few times I've eaten a burger without ketchup. The Guacamole Burger (guacamole, cheddar and tomatoes) was juicy and as you can tell by this photo, they did not skimp on the guacamole. I can't complain about combining two of my favorites - guacamole and meat.

We wanted to try one of their Dessert Crepes and decided on the Grand Marnier crepe, which consists of crunchy sugar and Grand Marnier Liqueur. Normally, the desserts are cooked with the alcohol where you can only taste a hint of the alcohol. In this case, it tasted like they poured the entire bottle of Grand Marnier all over the crepe. And we could not taste the sugar anywhere. It was way too much alcohol. We should have ordered their Slovenian Wedding crepe.

There was nothing bad we could say about their smoked chicken sandwich (with roasted garlic, avocado, roasted tomato and horseradish mayo) but it wasn't quite a memorable item either.

Another good thing about this restaurant is they serve omelettes all day. What was awful? Their limited beer selection. Also, how can you have a sister restaurant in Dublin, Ireland and not even have Guinness on your beer menu? What the?