Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Some pictures we took from a walk through our neighboring Meatpacking area - some very industrial spaces, rows of expensive bars and restaurants and hotels, and stupidly expensive designer boutiques (likes of Alexander McQueen) that always look empty. Got a great picture of my love standing next to this.

Tasted one of the most delicious margaritas on the rocks at Los Dados. The problem was that it was too expensive so we couldn't order more than one. But damn. It was good stuff.

Los Dados also has these savory beef picadillo mini tacos with a delicious sweet sauce drenching the meat. They also had a very unique non-spicy salsa that went perfectly with the margarita. The perfect afternoon in-between meals snack.

Sadly, one of the few reminders of why the area was once called "meatpacking." The people we've seen in their high-end gear in the area don't look at all like meat eaters.