Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Sangria Sunday Stop

Here we go again. Another Sunday walking around the West Village and then it happens. The sign. We can't help ourselves when we see signs like this. Note to restaurants in neighborhoods with a lot of competition: put signs like this outside. It works.

Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar on Christopher and Bedford Streets.

We only wanted to drink Sangria and noticed there was no bar in the restaurant. Luckily, we were the only customers so we got a nice table by the window. And the waiter didn't give us attitude because we didn't order any food.

Since we had red Sangria on Friday night (the most unbelievable Sangria - later post), we decided on a white one. This Sangria was lighter fluid strong. We have pretty high tolerance for alcohol but we only ordered one glass each and it nearly kicked our butts. We were dizzy and woozy walking around after this one. The sun didn't help.

The crappy thing was that when we saw the sign outside, we thought there would be some sort of special or deal like the $10 pitcher at La Palapa. Unfortunately, just regular prices ($8 per glass). Still, we'll go back to Lima's Taste to try their Peruvian cuisine and maybe we'll just split one Sangria next time (light weights).