Saturday, April 18, 2009

Riverside Park - It's Spring in NY

Today was 80 degrees. We needed to see and breathe in some nature and headed to the Riverside Park on the Upper West Side (located between the Hudson River and Riverside Drive). It's spring and in New York City that means gorgeous trees and flowers beginning to magically pop up in places you could have sworn weren't there just the other day. We're especially excited about seeing the cherry blossoms.

This is the Park's Crabapple Grove: Garden for All Seasons. It was a beautiful day for the families to bring their towels and blankets and just relax and enjoy the new views. Riverside Park also has great area for kids like the Dinaosaur Playground and Hippo Playground, and there's a dog area as well.

This is the 96 feet tall Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument at 89th St. This was dedicated in 1902 in remembrance of those from New York State who fought in the civil war. Unfortunately today, we missed the Joan of Arc monument on 93rd Street.

The Garden People Garden located between 90th and 91st Streets on the Promenade level. Since it's the start of the season, the garden didn't look as lush as we'd seen in photos like these so we'll go back to see how the greens and flowers grow in May.

Before we moved here, everyone was telling us our first winter in New York would be hell. But with the exception of a few days, we didn't think winter here was bad at all. These spring time flowers seem like gifts for all the New Yorkers that had a hard Winter.

All the flowers were beautiful but these caught our eyes instantly.

The funny thing that's been happening to us after we return home from visiting the different places around New York is that night we'll turn on the TV to find a movie showing the place we had just visited. So tonight after we returned home from visiting Riverside Park, You've Got Mail was on and that movie (the story is set on the Upper West Side of New York) ends with Tom Hanks meeting Meg Ryan at 91st at the Garden People Garden. Riverside Park was also in the 1979 film The Warriors. That would be a funny to scene to see the street gangs fighting with the backdrop of cherry blossoms.