Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pizza Delivery: Rocco's Pizza Joint

This cardboard box often contains our dinner and next-day lunch.

When we want affordable fast food delivered to our door, we turn to Rocco's Pizza Joint (7th Ave). We started by ordering their large Italian Vegetarian with roasted peppers, onions, olives, fresh garlic and mushrooms ($16.50).

Then we got into their damn good Low Fat Pizza with tomato, basil and 75% Fat Free Mozarella (large for $13.75). This pizza has a delicious thin-crust, the tomato sauce is plentiful (very important), the bits of basil adds the needed extra flavor, and we love that it's not too oily or greasy. Who knows if it's 75% fat free mozarella or not, and really who cares - it's filling and satisfying. Tomato sauce = lycopene = anti-cancer properties. Cheese = Calcium = strong bones. Yes, here's the rationalizations again.

Their baked Ziti with turkey meatballs ($9.75) isn't anything special, but the portion is huge, and like the large pizza, this lasts us two days - more bang for the buck. For pasta freaks like us, size definitely matters.

What's great about ordering from Rocco's is that on their delivery menu, there's a $2 coupon, which we thought we could only use once, but the delivery person never asks for the coupon, so we've used it every time we ordered. That covers the tip. Since finding Rocco's Pizza Joint, we haven't ordered from Mezza Luna around the corner.