Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All-American Food

We've always been meat lovers (just look at our upcoming and past food postings). But we haven't eaten chicken since we saw Food, Inc. and we're probably not going to be eating McDonald's again anytime soon. What kind of film can have this kind of effect on us? Food, Inc.

We were standing in line to see Food, Inc. during its sold-out opening weekend of June 12th here in New York City and this lady walked by saying, "we're not going to want to eat anything after we see this." As the film's tag line states, it's true, you won't look at food the same way again.

The film encourages you to deconstruct and investigate the food industry, and ultimately what you are putting into your body. We were disgusted by the way these corporations are jeopardizing our health for their profit (never wanted to eat ammonia or sick mutated animals), the way they bully farmers with lawyers, the way they mistreat their workers, and how the government protects those companies more than they protect us. We're also not going to be purchasing products from some of the greedy food corps featured in this film and we hope you'll do the same. Read more about the film or watch the trailer.