Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Secret Garden

We walked the entire Central Park yesterday! We started off at the Conservatory Garden in East Harlem and walked to the bottom of the park- that's about 50+ blocks. (We have the blisters on our feet to prove it and we looked like a pitiful sight of fools limping around our apartment last night). It was a beautiful day, the kind of day that can only happen in New York City. This is the beautiful wrought-iron Vanderbilt Gate to the Garden at 105th Street in Spanish Harlem.

The Conservatory Garden has been described as the hidden wonder and secluded oasis of Central Park. The Garden is actually three separate gardens representing different landscape styles - Italian, French and English. This Italian-style center part of the garden is the most elegant looking area of the Garden and is appropriately the site of many weddings; in fact, we saw a bride and groom exit as we entered.

We were standing at this fountain waiting for the wind to spray us with water and provide some comfort from the heat. We were also chasing rainbows with a kid.

There's a wrought-iron wisteria pergola atop these tiered hedges.

On the walkway under the pergola are medallions inscribed with names of the original thirteen states. This is New York.

This is our special fountain located in the north classic French-style garden.

The English style South Garden. This area felt like a mini maze.

The charming children's classic Secret Garden characters of the Burnett Fountain. Everything about this area felt like a fairytale garden.

We loved the dedications on the benches, especially this one.

Sure the garden is tranquil but there is no way in hell we would have been able to nap like him there with the heat. He must have had a rough night.

We were originally going to catch the subway back down but then we started walking down Museum Mile, passing several museums we've been to and a few we'd still like to go to.

You forget how much you've been walking when there's an endless amount of things to divert your attention from your blistered feet.

And music's literally everywhere.

It seemed like half the city was at Central park yesterday. Everywhere we turned, if there was a grassy spot, there were New Yorkers on their blankets lying around sunning and sweating.

And boats!

Well, mini boats that you can rent and operate with a remote control.

I wish I was a kid growing up in this city.

Our favorite boat.


Summer Stage.

And we couldn't believe this was the same spot where we had the time of our lives ice skating. This time it served as the amusement ride area for the little ones.

For the millionth time, we love Central Park!