Monday, June 15, 2009

New York's Park in the Sky - Part 2

The views from atop the High Line Park. Mix of modern buildings . .

Mix of old New York fighting for space amongst the sprouting high rise buildings . . .

There's a ton of fancy schmancy condos being built around the High Line, including apartments where you drive your car into your elevator and park your car at your apartment door (on whatever floor you live on).

Chelsea Market - home to Bobby Flay ass whoopings.

Chelsea Piers and the Hudson River.

Do you see the great mural? Marilyn Spock, beam me up.

You see the most random things in this city that never seem odd.

You don't want to be walking out this door.

One of the few hints that you're in the Meatpacking area.

Hector's Cafe and Diner - one of the few affordable places to eat on this street. You can get good, cheap breakfast here.