Friday, June 5, 2009

Summertime Festivities

Summer in New York means many things: Heat, ice creams, all kinds of parades, people sitting on their apartment stoops, fierce mosquitoes, very dirty feet, eating outside on the streets like cafes in Paris or dining on rooftops or enjoying happy hour at outdoor beer gardens.

Most importantly for us it means picnics (you should see how huge our picnic blanket is) and spending a lot of time at the many wonderful parks around the city. There's Shakespeare in the Park and Central Park Summer Stage (although we're bummed we missed some great summer stage performers like Patti Smith and Chris Rock). We're especially looking forward to watching some movies under the stars thanks to the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Haven't looked forward to the summer like this since I was in high school (and that was only because high school sucked). Let the Midsummer Day and Night's Dreams begin!