Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A great slice at a great price

Here we go again with our "neutralizing free radicals" rationalization. Hence, broccoli cancels out the artery clogging oils. Somewhere, our doctors are shaking their heads. The bottom line is that we love pizza. If we could eat pizza everyday, we would. But we wanted to do it guilt-free, so we had it with broccoli and garlic rather than sausage and pepperoni.

Last night we ordered a small one topping (half broccoli and half fresh garlic) pizza pie from Mezza Luna at 98 8th ave., our local pizzeria. The total cost for the pie and garlic knots delivered to our door including tip was $21 (not bad considering this pie lasted two days for two people).

Below is a slice of love. Did we mention the slices are huge? One slice is the equivalent of two regular slices from one of those famous chains. And normally a broccoli pizza sounds scary (especially from people like me that normally squirm at the sight of vegetables), but the broccoli pizza is good. You can barely taste the moist broccoli. It comes on a nice thin crust. But it's very oily - you have to dab the pizza with handfuls of napkins. They also have exceptional garlic knots (as long as you get it fresh) - $1.25 for five pieces.

Mezza Luna looks like nothing special. Just the typical, small neighborhood restaurant. You won't see tourists lined up here like at Lombardi's. And that's a good thing. Skip their so-so pastas and head straight to the pizza. If you don't go right at lunch time, you might want to order a whole pie to avoid pizza that could have been just sitting there for hours.