Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crunch 'n Cheese

We couldn't wait to go back to Chat 'n Chew to try the highly-recommended Macaroni and Cheese (described as "from our trailer park days, with a crunchy top"). My co-worker was right, it's yummy! The really crunchy top layer is what makes this mac and cheese extra special while keeping the interior juicy. (Now that I think about it - aren't the top parts always the best? Like the top part of cakes and cupcakes, and the top part of muffins? I believe there was a Seinfeld episode in which Elaine said someone should only sell the top part of muffins).

Anyways, for $10.95, they give you so much mac and cheese that we had a hard time finishing it. Next time, we'll order their "Teenie Weenie Mac and Cheese" for $6.50. This was probably the best example of a traditional take on a classic. The cheesy bowl from Chat 'n Chew was the second best mac and cheese we've tried, coming in second after the unique mac and cheese from the Inn.