Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Women Lose Their Sanity When They Shop

We're in the middle of beautiful fall, but winter will be here in no time. So we went to Loehmann's, in short walking distance from our home, to look for some deals on boots. And this is the nightmare we found. Good grief, aisles upon aisles of shoes just thrown around like dirty socks in some problem child's room.

As a female, what the hell is wrong with these women? Although there were some boots at a discounted price of $100, there were also some boots that cost $400 (from an original $900). Spoiled women were throwing around $900 boots like they were rubbish. I could understand this mess if the occasion was something like a supermarket shopping spree where you get to fill up your cart with as much food as possible in two minutes, except instead of groceries you get to fill up your cart with free Jimmy Choos. This was not the case. I think the women were just nuts. We've seen the womens' shoe department at Loehmann's look like this on several occasions.

It was unbearable for me. Too many loony tunes women. And how do you even begin digging for shoe sizes? I walked out of the store empty-handed with my old shoes (along with my sanity and dignity).