Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Best Home-Style Cupcakes - Hell, The Best Cupcakes Period

Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes are the best cupcakes we've tasted in our lives . . . so far. We say "so far" because we haven't been in NYC for very long so who knows what frosted gem we'll find in some obscure hole-in-the-wall throughout the year. So yes, these are the best cupcakes and they're from the famous Magnolia Bakery. Their story is interesting because they only started making cupcakes due to the amount of frosting they had leftover from baking cakes. Magnolia Bakery's been credited with starting the cupcake craze, and they've been voted as having the best frosting in New York City. We absolutely agree.

Their frosting is superb! It's soft, creamy, and stimulatingly sweet. They must use at least one bar of butter in the frosting per cupcake. It's that rich. The frosting also looks quaint, like it was made by your grandma in her kitchen rather than with one of those fancy cupcake makers. Not only was the frosting tasty, it was easy to eat (which is not always the case with some cupcakes that are more about decoration).

We got a four-pack of cupcakes - two vanilla, one red velvet, and one chocolate. The vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing are the best of the bunch (the vanilla comes in various pastel colors like pink, green, and yellow). They were all good but if you have to choose only one, get the vanilla - it's seriously that good. These cupcakes are baked fresh every day without preservatives.

Their Red Velvet Cupcake with their traditional whipped vanilla icing. Each cupcakes is only $2.50 each.

We've only been to their Rockefeller Center location (their third location), pictured here. Their first location is on Bleeker Street - the location where at times there can supposedly be long lines wrapping around the block. (Their second location is in Uptown). Magnolia Bakery is even open until midnight on weekends to help you with your late-night sweet cravings.

Stop counting calories, stop worrying about cavities, screw the phrase "guilty pleasure," and treat yourself freely to a Magnolia cupcake - you will be a happier person.