Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fancy Schmancy Fast Food, Beer & Cheese

There's three markets surrounding our little street: One is a normal grocery store with no frills and $5 six-packs of Pabst beer; the second is Balducci's - uber fancy looking gourmet grocery shopping (will be covered in separate post)'; the third is Westside Market where you walk through the doors and you are greeted by the sight and smell of cheese!!!

Say Cheeeeessse! Cheese to your right . . .

Cheese to your left . . . Cheese heaven for lactose-intolerant cheese lovers like us. The funny thing is that despite this massive cheese selection, we always go back to our favorite - the brie.

Westside is great for busy career-driven New Yorkers who do not have time to cook. They sell fancy fast food - containers of pastas, tofu dishes, vegetables. Beware of the expiration dates!

They also sell meats, hot food, organic vegetables, fancy coffee we've never seen before, sweets, organic produce, soups, a large selection of sandwiches, create-your-own salad area, sushi . . .

. . . and lots of beer. Back home we thought we were beer know-it-alls until we moved to New York where we realized we had only tried about 2% of the beers in this universe. Westside sells beer from all over the world, beer we've never seen before, with languages we couldn't read. Definitely pricey.

Considering how much cheese they sell, you'd think they'd sell an equally large selection of wine; however, the only liquor they sell is beer. The great thing about Westside market is that, like many establishments in New York, they will deliver whatever you want to your home at no delivery charge - so you can call them late at night and say "I'd like two Faxe beers and one cupcake" and they'll do it for you. The downside is they are slow to deliver.