Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Yummiest Pad Thai Noodles & Please Hire Us Food Network

It takes about five minutes for us to walk to the Chelsea Market from our apartment - wonderful because, well, the market is just wonderful, bad because we want to consume everything there (including those cupcakes with heaping frosting). Our intention is to try every place at the Chelsea Market and share our experiences with you here.

Here's their entrance.

Chelsea Market on the weekend is great. It's not overcrowded with all the office people that work on the upper levels of the building like the Food Network, Oxygen Network, and the EMI record company. People are more relaxed, there's more families with strollers, and no one was scolding us this time for taking photos (although we still tried to take pictures discreetly). When we went last Sunday, there was live jazz. There was even a designer sample sale, with new $650 coats at a reduced price of $150.

The little ones were enjoying the pumpkins.

Wow, you can make a lot of pumpkin pie with this big 'ol sucker.

Another great thing about Chelsea Market is Chelsea Thai Wholesale. Their pad thai noodle dish is the best pad thai noodle we have ever tasted! Ever! The dish consists of fried tofu, bean sprouts, scallion, onion, bokchoy, cabbage, carrot, Chinese broccoli, mushroom, red pepper, ground peanuts and egg. What set this one apart from the hundreds of other pad thai dishes we've tried were the perfect flavor and the complete freshness of this dish. The vegetables were so darn fresh. Although the flavor was just right, we squeezed on some lime and added some mild hot sauce for extra flavor (like we do to tacos), although the dish stands flavorful without these additions. And for $7.50, we were surprised at how huge the portion was. What a good deal!

You can also buy sauces and make-your-own pad thai noodles kits here.

You can't get your hair cut at the T Salon in the Chelsea Market but you can choose from over 250 different teas - varieties of red, green, handcrafted, black, white, jasmine, decaf, organic, fruit blends, and wellness. From their wellness selection, we tried their immunity tea, which wasn't scary like we thought it would be. We'll probably try their "anti-cold" next. Their wellness line also includes fertility, detox, purification, and menopause. According to T Salon, these ingredients help menopause: Anise, ginger, red clover, rasberry leaves, dong quai/tangquei, milk, thistle, licorice, and honeybush.

Their lighting shown here is made from recycled tea bags. Their floors, ceiling, and shelving is made from 100% sustainable bamboo construction, the cups and packaging are made from recycled and biodegradable material and vegetable ink.

Decompress over some tea in their sitting area overlooking the industrial neighborhood.

Darn, we missed out on the Food Network Wine & Food Festival this weekend. There's so much going on in the city, it's really hard to keep up. We would have loved to see the in-studio live taping of one of Guy Fieri's shows (of "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives"). Next to Anthony Bourdain, does he not have one of the best jobs or what? Getting paid to eat burgers, burritos, pizzas, steaks, omelets, and the largest portions of breakfast food, while traveling, would be our dream job. Are you reading this Food Network? What about a show featuring a couple that travels the world in search of delicious meals on a budget?