Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Next President is a Pumpkin Head

Wow we can't believe the presidential election is next week already - Tuesday, November 4th. We were getting nervous that we weren't going to get to vote as new residents. But today, we finally got our New York voter registration information and our polling place (at the Lesbian and Gay Center). Yay! To be able to vote is a powerful thing! And we won't take that for granted.

So in the spirit of the presidential election countdown, here's some photos we took of carved pumpkins at the Chelsea Market the other week.

And one of them will be our next president . . .

And finally (and thankfully) buh-bye to this "evil doer."

And here's a photo for those just sick of looking at the faces of politicians. (We think a carving of an apple in an eye would have been cooler than the hand).