Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to the Met - Part 2

If you read our posting below, you know we had a full day at the Met. There's no better way to wrap up the museum day than to have a few cocktails at the Met's Balcony Bar where they have free classical music on Fridays and Saturdays when the Met is open until 9 PM. We got prime seats right next to the music.

These three young girls were having the time of their lives practicing their ballet moves to the music.

A plate of cheese and quince + deliciously sweet sangria + beer + top notch classical music inside one of the world's greatest museums in the world = pure satisfaction.

And of course we were reminded that having cocktails at the Met isn't your typical happy hour experience when right behind us were 16th and 17th century vases and plates.

This is the view of the balcony bar from across the way (above the Met's entrance).

We left the balcony bar around 8 PM and then continued to wander around the museum to take advantage of the Met's late closing time. It's definitely a different experience at the Met late at night. There were certain parts of the museum that were completely empty and walking through the Egyptian Art at night felt downright eerie with no one but us there.