Friday, July 3, 2009

Caracas Arepa Bar

Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village serves homemade Venezuelan food and is most known for their arepas, made from scratch daily and described as "Straight from Venezuela, with New York temperament." A few weekends ago, we went there for brunch and we knew that we had to get there right when they opened at noon in order to get a table in their tiny restaurant (next door they also have a take-out area with a few tables). Their food is delicious, their menu - Dine-in or take-out - is diverse and offers healthy options, and considering that their food is fresh and made from scratch daily, the prices are reasonable.

We fell in love with these Arepitas Dulces (bite-size sweet arepas made with anise and white cheese, served with guava sauce for dipping). These were unbelievably delicious and well worth the $4 price tag.

Drinking anything out of a drinking jar like this makes you feel like you're a kid again during the summer. This was their honey/lemon/sugar juice.

The Amazonico (Perico, black beans, fried sweet plantains with salty cheese, tomato, avocado slicesand a plain arepa) is off their brunch menu. It's healthy, delicious and for the amount of quality food given, we felt good about paying $10 for this.

The Criollo (Perico served with a plain Arepa, mixed green salad, tomatoes, hearts of palm, shredded beef and grilled white cheese) is the perfect brunch for a meat and cheese lover like me. The shredded beef was sweet and tener and worked well stuffed inside the Arepa.

Turning your old dresser drawers into shelving space. We might just have to use this idea.

Immediately after we took this photo, the restaurant was at full capacity. We had the best window seat in the restaurant but everyone else was literally elbow-to-elbow. But it was a nice lively bunch that added to the energy of this place. By the time we left, there was a growing number of impatient hungry people waiting outside.

There's been many times we've said we wish we lived in the East Village. Food is a big reason why.