Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drink Brass Monkey

It was a fine day for a pint of Guinness at Brass Monkey on Little West 12th Street. Brass Monkey has an impressive beer menu and their food menu is what a beer bar should have.

On their third-level rooftop bar with views of the Hudson.

No complaints about their omelet, home fries, and toast.

Unfortunately, the burger and fries were disappointing. The bread on this burger was overly grilled and disgusting.

This is their second level bar area. This is the kind of bar that gets extremely crowded, and the thing about going to a bar like this during the day is the lingering smell of spilled beer and vomit from earlier in the morning.

The food might not be the best, but you come here for beer. And since we're long past our college years, we'd rather come for beer at a place like this during the mellow hours when you can sit down and relax, don't have to wait to order, or stand in line for the restroom.