Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whitney Museum

Last Friday evening, we took advantage of "pay what you wish" Fridays at the Whitney Museum of American Art located on Madison Ave at 75th Street.

We waited in a fairly long line before the 6 pm pay what you wish free admission began. We decided to pay $2.50 each. We're so glad we didn't have to pay the normal $15 admission price because we weren't thrilled with the artwork on display, particularly the current special exhibits, and the third floor was closed to the public. We did the entire museum in less than an hour. There was a live alternative rock band playing in the lower level gift shop and booze was being sold, but their music wasn't swaying us one bit so we passed. We did, however, enjoy seeing Edward Hopper's paintings and we got to experience the Whitney at least once on a budget. What's really odd is that the Met allows you to take photos (without flash) of the finest, oldest, and most famous paintings in the world, but at the Whitney they wouldn't even let you take a photo of crap like an inflatable toilet, which is somehow supposed to be art.