Thursday, July 30, 2009

Union Square Farmer's Market

Another (hot) walk to the Union Square Farmer's Market.

One of the farmers told us one that one of her two favorite places to get vegetables are at Keith's Farm. Good recommendation.

We bought a huge fresh bunch of basil from Keith's for $3.

The other place she recommended was Evolutionary Organics.

This guy was playing the Star Wars theme song on his accordion.

Bread Alone has fantastic healthy bread (they taste so good they don't "taste" healthy, if you know what we mean).

As opposed to most supermarkets (with the exception of Whole Foods), all the vegetables and fruits looked so fresh. One thing that was missing from the scene was Joe the Potato Peeler.

We wanted to buy some fresh fish and hormone/antibiotic/steroid/preservative-free meats but they were all a bit too expensive.

We bought an absolutely delicious block of cheddar from Millport Dairy.

Thanks to these farmers, we had a delicious dinner.

And a yummy breakfast.