Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Shop of Jewels and Plants

Gea's Garden Jewels is a unique plant shop in the East Village (247 East 10th Street) that sells stone jewelry of all colors in addition to a great assortment of plants. Maybe it's the mixture of the vibrant colors of the jewels mixed with the baby cacti and Japanese plants, or the hanging sea shells, something about this small store hs a wonderful feel to it the moment you step in.

Gea's Garden Jewels sells large chunky necklaces and bracelets alongside some delicately designed plants. When you walk into Gea's Garden Jewels, you feel like you found something only a few people are supposed to know about. The prices didn't seem so bad either - some beautiful necklaces for $30 and plants in the $20 range.

These sea shell plants will be in our home.

Including this snail-like one.

That's what's great about New York - wandering around this walking town allows you to constantly find new things you weren't even looking for but glad you found.